The Best Athletes Who Have Used Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Vote for athletes that you still admire, even though they have been proven or accused of using performance enhancing drugs

They cheated... They made millions. This list of famous athletes who have used steroids includes both those who have confessed to using performance enhancing drugs and those who can't shake the rumors. Some may not have been proven to be athletes on steroids yet, but... let's be serious. Everyone knows. But some are still great athletes! We mean: even with hGh, EPO, extra testosterone, cortisone, saline, plasma, and blood transfusions, could you win the Tour de France 7 times? Us either.

The world of sports has gotten more and more competitive with each passing year. So it's no wonder that these professional athletes have looked to drugs in order to up their performance. The only trouble is, once they get caught, their reputations can be ruined forever (oh, and that think about shrinking balls).

Are you surprised by these athletes that use steroids? Should these steroid users be kicked out of their sport? Vote up those athletes who you still find pretty impressive, even if you know they've had plenty of help.
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