The Greatest Curveball Pitchers of All Time

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Please vote for the players only on the strength of their curveball and not other pitches

Who are the greatest curveball pitchers of all time? The best MLB curveball pitchers are often, not surprisingly, also some of the greatest baseball players of all time, too. The curveball pitchers listed here were incredible talents on the mound, pitching curve balls that were nearly impossible to hit. Who do you believe is the best ever? Vote for your favorites, vote down any pitchers that you don't think had a "nasty" curveball and certainly re-rank this list in any order you like.

Any list of the greatest curveball pitchers should include legendary pitchers like Sandy Koufax and certainly Bert Blyleven. With thousands of strikeouts between them, these two had some seriously devastating curveballs. Their breaking pitches fooled some of the best hitters in MLB history, and they pitched for some of the best baseball teams ever, throwing the best curveball in the game.
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