The Greatest Fictional Cops & Law Enforcement Officers of All Time, Ranked

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Criminals should beware of these great fictional cops, as they almost always get the perp in the end. From movies, TV shows, and more, these are the best fictional cops to have ever worn a badge. No matter what media they first appeared in however, they have proven themselves to be excellent at fighting crime. But when it comes to greatness, which one of these make-believe cops stands at the top? To find out, fans of law enforcement have voted on their favorites.

Some of these fictional cops are normal people from historical dramas while others are futuristic crime-fighting robots from another planet. So to compare them, you’re simply going to have to do it the way old gumshoes solved crimes… gut feeling. Still not sure? Then think of the fictional cops you’d most want help from or to be patrolling your neighborhood.

Some popular choices include science fiction movie icons such as Robocop and small-town deputies like Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. While they’re not on equaling footing physically, you’re more likely to ask Deputy Fife for help against some hooligans. If you don’t see your favorite fictional police officer below, then add him or her so that others may vote on them. Otherwise, vote up who you think are the best fictional cops across any media.

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  • Harry Callahan
    Clint Eastwood
    576 votes
    • Appears In: Dirty Harry Franchise
  • John McClane
    Bruce Willis
    608 votes
    • Appears In: Die Hard
  • Frank Columbo

    Frank Columbo

    Peter Falk
    348 votes
    • Appears In: Columbo
  • Joe Friday
    Jack Webb, Ed O'Neill, Dan Aykroyd
    190 votes
    • Appears In: Dragnet
  • Kojak
    Telly Savalas
    192 votes
    • Appears In: Kojak: The Price of Justice
  • Jim Malone
    Sean Connery
    233 votes
    • Appears In: The Untouchables