The Greatest First Basemen of All Time

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Only players who are known primarily as first basemen and not other infield positions
Who are the greatest first basemen of all time? From the incomparable talents of Lou Gehrig to the stunning abilities of modern-era players like Albert Pujols, this list includes some of the best Major League Baseball first basemen, and really, some of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. Who is your top choice? Be sure to vote, and you can also rerank this list in any order you want. The outstanding first basemen listed here all have similar abilties: They are versatile, incredibly quick and, quite often these days, the first baseman is also a wicked power hitter. Not surprisingly, several of the players on this list could easily be considered among the best hitters in baseball history, too. This list is full of excellent, talented first bag guys with great power numbers. If you're a huge baseball fanatic, you might enjoy these lists of the greatest third basemen of all time, the all-time best shortstops and the greatest pitchers of all time, too.
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