The Greatest Left-Fielders of All Time

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Only players who are known primarily as left fielders. No center or right fielders
Who are the greatest left-fielders of all time? Baseball's best left field players include some amazing legends of the game, with names like Ted Williams, Stan Musial and Carl Yastrzemski. They are without question among the greatest baseball players of all time, contributing to their respective teams while carving out their own Major League Baseball legacy. The mixture of power and average sets the left fielder apart from the other positions. Which left-field players do you think deserve the top spots on this list? Vote them up, and be sure to re-rank this list as well (your rankings to affect the overall order of the CrowdRanked list). Many of the left field players listed here have some of the greatest throwing arms of all time (they have to, given the position), and without a doubt most are also included on any distinguished list of the best hitters in baseball history, too (Ted Williams? Stan Musial? Enough said). Playing left field can be tricky. First of all, you absolutely must assume that ever single ball hit to the third baseman and the shortstop is going to be missed. You have got to be ready at all times to back up your teammates in the event they make an error. All of these players did (or do) that and more.
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