The Greatest NFL Teams

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The greatest NFL teams are those professional football teams beloved by fans and often hated by rivals. These teams are often Super Bowl champions and filled with all-star players young and old. Most fans who follow the National Football League have a favorite team, and that's totally cool, but these teams are the best of the best. Deciding on the greatest pro football teams of all time is often a matter of what the criteria is.

Few fans would select a team other than the one they root for as the best, but if you're looking at it in terms of Super Bowl wins, the Pittsburgh Steelers lead all other with their six titles. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers come in right behind with five, but neither have won the championship in nearly two decades. More recently, teams like the New England Patriots and New York Giants have dominated the championships and battled one another in the title game in recent years.

So how do you select which NFL team is best? Titles and wins or simply which team you root for over those which are bitter rivals? However you select the top NFL teams, do so below by voting and re-ranking this list of the greatest NFL teams!

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