The Best Paranormal Reality Shows

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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, vote up your favorite paranormal reality shows.

What is the greatest paranormal reality show of all time? That's up to your votes to decide! Paranormal reality TV shows are all the rage, and with so many different ghost hunting programs to choose from, how can viewers decide which one is truly the best? A great paranormal reality TV show draws everyone in with promises of frightful adventures and proof of activity in other realms or planes of existence, but not all of them can deliver. This list includes some of the most notable, greatest paranormal investigation shows ever - but it's not complete, so feel free to add your favorites if any are missing. And don't forget to vote!

Paranormal reality television shows often involve teams of investigators going "hunting" for ghosts. Viewers are taken to locations that are notoriously haunted and then shown footage of the teams spending spooky hours trying to capture images, or sounds of ghosts in the area. Some of the best examples of this kind of program include the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters on Syfy, and A&E's Paranormal State.

Many of today's biggest and greatest paranormal reality shows of all time owe their success to older, classic programs that paved the way. Shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings offered viewers a look at the unexplained, including paranormal activity, ghosts, orbs, UFOs, and even aliens. And really, when Robert Stack is telling you something is creepy in his *crazy creepy* voice, who doesn't get a little spooked?

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