The Greatest Pitchers of All Time

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MLB players known for excellent pitching, not just great players that happen to pitch.
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Who are the greatest pitchers of all time? Trying to decide who is the absolute greatest MLB pitcher ever is challenging to say the least, but it can be done - right here. This list includes some of the best Major League Baseball players of all time, but it is by no means complete. Add anyone you think is missing, vote for your favorites, and re-rank this list in any order you choose. Featuring starting pitchers, players known for throwing the fastest pitches and cool curveballs, Black pitchers, left handed pitchers, and more, our rankings include old baseball legends and the new players currently pitching today. Who are the most famous pitchers in the world? Are your favorites in the top 25? Get your votes in, and let's see who's the best of the best.

Each of the excellent baseball pitchers on this list can arguably be called the "best," but they're all names every baseball fan should know. Some were known for their incredible fastballs; others, including Sandy Koufax and Bert Blyleven, are known for being some of the greatest curveball pitchers of all time. These are the famous pitchers who managed, with sheer skill, to outwit and beat some of the best hitters in baseball history, too.

If you're interested in some modern-era baseball phenoms, check out this list of the best current MLB pitchers, and vote for the current players you think deserve the top spots.

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  • Nolan Ryan
    13,299 votes
    Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, California Angels

    Nolan Ryan, known as "The Ryan Express," stands tall in the pantheon of MLB's greatest pitchers, thanks to a legendary career spanning a record-breaking 27 seasons. The fireballer put fear into the heart of batters with his blistering fastball and unforgiving demeanor on the mound. Leaving an indelible mark on the game, Ryan's seven no-hitters and seemingly infinite strikeout total are a testament to his exceptional talent and endurance.

  • Randy Johnson
    9,977 votes
    Montreal Expos, Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Mariners

    The Big Unit Randy Johnson was the epitome of a power pitcher, using his imposing 6'10" frame and lethal left-handed delivery to dominate hitters throughout his Hall of Fame career. Consistently reaching triple-digit velocity, Johnson's fastball was both feared and revered, while his devastating slider kept opponents off balance. Towering over the mound as he approached the plate, Johnson's presence alone was enough to unsettle hitters and secure his status as one of the most intimidating pitchers of all time.

  • Greg Maddux
    10,206 votes
    San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs

    The "Professor" Greg Maddux mastered the art of pitching through his unparalleled ability to dissect opposing hitters and outsmart them with an extensive repertoire of pitches. Featuring pinpoint control, deceptive movement, and incredible durability, Maddux carved out a legacy as one of the most cerebral and effective pitchers in Major League history. An artist on the mound, Maddux's understanding of the intricate nuances of pitching elevated him to the upper echelons of baseball greatness.

  • Bob Gibson
    8,174 votes
    St. Louis Cardinals

    St. Louis Cardinals icon Bob Gibson terrorized batters with his ferocious competitive spirit and lightning-fast fastball, earning a reputation as one of the most relentless and hard-nosed pitchers the game has ever seen. Gibson's intensity on the mound was matched by his tremendous athleticism, which allowed him to field his position with grace and agility. A true warrior, Gibson's performances in crucial postseason games are the stuff of legend, solidifying his status among the greatest pitchers of all time.

  • Pedro Martínez
    9,209 votes
    Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox

    Pedro Martínez dazzled fans during his career with an electric combination of blazing speed, artful deception, and unparalleled pitch command. Despite his relatively slight stature, Martínez dominated opponents with an arsenal that left them helpless, becoming one of the game's most feared and respected hurlers. A true showman, Pedro's unique combination of skill, charisma, and competitive fire earned him a place among the pantheon of baseball's elite.

  • Satchel Paige
    5,264 votes
    Kansas City Athletics, St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians

    The legendary Satchel Paige may be considered the best pitcher in baseball history who never had the opportunity to showcase his talents on the game's grandest stage. A star of the Negro Leagues, Paige's peerless ability to generate speed with his whip-like motion and clever repertoire of pitches made him a mythic figure. Through his dynamic personality and undeniable talent, Paige's influence reached far beyond the world of baseball, transcending sport to become an American icon.