The Greatest Relief Pitchers of All Time

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Only players who are known primarily as relief pitchers or closers. No starting pitchers
The greatest relief pitchers of all time include some of the best current MLB players, as well as some legends who are already in the baseball hall of fame. What do you think: Is Mariano Rivera the best relief pitcher in baseball history? Vote for the players you think deserve the top honor, and vote down any that you don't think are worthy. Also, rerank this list in any order you want. Here's the thing about a really great relief pitcher: They are golden. They really are, because if you find a great team that's performing extremely well, during the regular or the post-season, the chances are very good that they've got an ace relief pitcher at the end of the rotation. All that work, all those runs accrued, mean absolutely nothing if things fall apart in the ninth inning. A great closer seals the deal, period. If you want to vote some more, why not head over and decide who you think is the greatest curveball pitcher or the best hittters in baseball history, too?
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