The Greatest Throwing Arms of All Time

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Please vote up the Major League baseball players based only on their throwing arms.

This list of the greatest throwing arms of all time includes some legendary MLB players known for being true flamethrowers from the outfield. These baseball players might be way out in the outfield, but they get (or got) a ton of attention for making some incredibly exciting defensive plays, via assists. Which Major League Baseball players do you think had the best throwing arms ever?

Vote, and be sure to re-rank this list your way, too.MLB players with the greatest throwing arms ever had cannons, keeping runners who were thinking about stealing bases in place, because they knew the chances they'd get thrown out were very, very high. The ballplayers listed here are without a doubt some of the best baseball players ever. Every single one of them racked up incredible assist numbers, combining sheer strength with athleticism and accuracy. If baseball's your thing, you'll definitely want to check out these lists of the greatest first, second and third basemen of all time

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