The Greatest Washington Commanders of All Time

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This is a list of the greatest Washington Commanders (neé Redskins) of all time. The Washington Commanders are a deep that's rich with tradition. Formed in 1933, the Commanders are have had some of the greatest players in football history wear its uniform. The team has won five championship, with two before the AFL-NFL merger and three Super Bowl titles in the 1980s and 1990s. Despite a dry period that ran from 1946-1970, the Commanders have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL. They have featured a number of Hall of Fame players and some of the best players ever, especially on offense.

Like many NFL teams, when the Commanders have a great quarterback, they are more likely to achieve success. Beginning with "Slingin'" Sammy Baugh to Sonny Jurgensen to Joe Theismann to Robert Griffin III today, the Commanders have had some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL on its team. Another position of strength for the Commanders has been its offensive line. Nicknamed "The Hogs," the Commanders teams of the 1980s had one of the best offensive lines in the league, and easily one of the most memorable nicknames ever. Along with a superstar receiving cores with Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders, the Commanders won three Super Bowl titles in nine seasons from 1982-1991. Those teams are some of the best in team history.

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  • Joe Gibbs
    1,264 votes
    Tight end

    Joe Gibbs' tenure with the Washington Commanders as their head coach not only solidified his place in NFL history but also cemented the franchise's reputation as a powerhouse. Under his guidance, the Commanders flourished, capturing three Super Bowl titles and reaching the playoffs eight times over his two stints with the team. Known for his offensive genius and ability to cultivate exceptional talent, Gibbs' coaching prowess and sophisticated play-calling strategies continue to influence the game today, ensuring his lasting impact on the sport.

  • Darrell Green
    2,320 votes

    Speed, agility, and tenacity defined Darrell Green's illustrious career with the Washington Commanders, as the corner-back spent his entire 20-year career terrorizing opponents and setting new standards for defensive excellence. Arguably one of the fastest players in NFL history, Green's knack for shutting down opposing receivers and pulling off game-changing interceptions was a cornerstone of the team's success during his tenure. Revered by fans and respected by fellow athletes, Green's on-field contributions and unwavering work ethic make him one of the Commanders' all-time greats.

  • John Riggins
    2,198 votes
    Running back, Fullback

    John Riggins, affectionately known as "The Diesel," personified toughness and grit during his time with the Washington Commanders, carving out an indelible legacy as a bruising running back. His relentless, punishing running style wore down defenses and often paved the way for crucial victories, including the team's first-ever Super Bowl championship. Riggins' powerful play and never-say-die attitude remains a defining characteristic of the Commanders' history, exemplifying the spirit of what made them a force on the football field.

  • Art Monk
    1,968 votes
    Wide receiver

    As a wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, Art Monk was a model of consistency and professionalism, delivering clutch performances and setting numerous franchise records throughout his storied career. A precise route-runner with exceptional hands, Monk's ability to move the chains and make acrobatic catches in traffic made him a quarterback's best friend and an opposing defense's worst nightmare. With his name practically synonymous with Washington football, Monk's excellence on the field and quiet leadership off it cements his status as one of the team's all-time greats.

  • Sammy Baugh
    1,751 votes
    Punter, Quarterback, Defensive back

    A pioneer in the annals of NFL history, Sammy Baugh, also known as "Slingin' Sammy," revolutionized the quarterback position during his time with the Washington Commanders. Gifted with a cannon for an arm, Baugh's skillful passing opened up new possibilities for offensive schemes and transformed the way the sport was played. His innovative approach to the game's most crucial position, combined with his versatility as a talented punter, forever changed the trajectory of professional football and solidified his legacy as a true gridiron icon.

  • Sean Taylor
    2,411 votes

    Sean Taylor's tragically shortened career with the Washington Commanders is forever etched into the hearts and minds of fans, as the hard-hitting safety displayed an electrifying combination of speed, power, and instincts on the field. Known for bone-rattling hits that struck fear into the hearts of opponents, Taylor's incredible playmaking abilities inspired awe and left an indelible impression on the sport. Though his time in the league was cut short, Taylor's impact on the Commanders and the NFL will never be forgotten.