The Hardest Professional Sports Trophy To Win

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Athletes all over the world spend hours a day training to get their name engraved on some sort of trophy. If their name isn't engraved on the trophy until eternity (or until another one is designed), then simply holding the trophy suffices as a symbol of achievement during a season or tournament. Some trophies are harder to win than others, which makes them much more desirable than similar trophies in other sports.

Most of the North American sports trophies are very difficult to win. After a grueling regular season, only the best teams qualify for the playoffs and from there, the games gradually get more competitive as each round passes. Due to injuries and the sheer luck of a short playoff series, more often than not, sometimes the better team doesn't win the championship. The Vince Lombardi Trophy for winning the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup are two of the most sought after trophies in North America due to the lasting legacy that goes along with winning that trophy. Unlike its North American counterpart, European soccer league titles are determined by the points accumulation instead of a playoff series. But the European Cup is the most prestigious trophy a soccer club in Europe can possibly stake claim to.

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  • Stanley Cup
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    Stanley Cup

  • FIFA World Cup
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    FIFA World Cup

  • Triple Crown Trophy
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    Triple Crown Trophy

  • UEFA Champions League
    159 votes

    UEFA Champions League

  • Memorial Cup
    499 votes
  • Masters Tournament Green Jacket
    399 votes

    Masters Tournament Green Jacket