Historical Landmarks to See Before You Die

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Must be a real landmark. Not fictional and not just a country, state or city.

Historical places to visit before you die, ranked by history and travel buffs worldwide. Anyone can vote on this list of famous historical landmarks, making it a truly trustworthy way to find the best landmarks to visit in the world. You can even make your own historical places list to add to these rankings. What famous historical sites should you see and what are some good historic places to visit? This list of famous places has them all!

Whether you're building your bucket list or indulging in some serious wanderlust, this list is one destination that's definitely worth visiting. Historical places around the world offer a firsthand look at work history. This list of national landmarks features over 100 famous landmarks that are worth seeing and will educate, entertain, and enlighten you. Which of the places on this list of famous world landmarks are you planning a trip to? Take a look at this list and plan your next adventure today!
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