The Most Beautiful Young Actresses Under 30

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The most beautiful actresses under 30 are some of the most talented actresses working in Hollywood today. These are all successful actresses who are current stars or are on the rise. Every day, we meet famous new actresses in the industry, and this is a round-up of those extremely talented and beautiful actresses. 

Some of these stunning actresses have grown up in the public eye and some just exploded onto the screen. Other female celebrities include Chloe Moretz, Victoria Justice, and Hailee Steinfeld. Blonde, redhead, brunette - Hollywood loves them all. Even though these actresses play sexy characters onscreen, they are more than just the hottest or sexiest female celebrities under thirty, they are the next generation of Hollywood legends.

Sopher Turner is another of the beautiful female actors under 30 you will see on this list. You will recognize her and fellow young actress Maisie Williams from their HBO smash hit, Game of Thrones

Wherever it is they came from, these are all beautiful actresses under 30 who have caught the public eye, and in many cases, its heart as well. If you know of an alluring actress under 30 that's not on the list, you can add her so others can see what you're talking about! Make sure to vote up your favorite actresses under 30 so they can get higher on the list.

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