The Hottest Naked Album Covers of All Time

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A list of the hottest naked album covers of all time. Let's face it, in order to sell albums, record labels have done whatever it take for the album covers to catch people's ears...and eyes. That's why sexy album covers, or minimum interesting album covers are the norm. Honestly, who wouldn't want to buy an album that features a scantily clad lady on its front? These albums feature some real hot women on it's front, and sometimes, the sexy ladies are the musicians themselves! Talk about a budget saving venture! Think about it: who else would you want to see on a Katy Perry or Beyonce album than those two beauties? Wouldn't it be weird if someone or something else was gracing their album's front? Exactly. These seductive women use their sex appeal, and beautiful figures sell albums, hence, why some their albums are considered the hottest of all time.

You will some of the greatest musicians of all time on this list, which goes to show you that no one is beneath using sex to sell albums. These hottest albums also contain some well-respected songs as well, proving that you can have a sexy cover, and have sizzling songs too.

This is the list of the hottest naked album covers of all time. Vote or re-rerank this list according to what you think is the sexiest album cover ever. If you notice something missing, feel free to add or re-rank it.