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Hottest Female Celebrities in Their 40s in 2015

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List RulesOnly women in their 40s in 2015, i.e. between the ages of 40 and 49. Vote based on their current appearances.

Time is tough on all of us, but it’s especially tough on women who make their living - at least partially - on their appearances. Many actresses find that when they reach the age of forty, job opportunities dry up. No longer realistic as the young, hot chicks, they must move on to more mature roles - even if they don't feel much older. A model’s career is even more brief, often coming to a close in a woman's early-20s. Consider singers and dancers who perform in public, or broadcasters in front of a TV audience. How many stay in the spotlight as they age? This is a list of female celebrities in their forties as of 2015. They range from 40 to 49-years-old. While they all looked great in their primes, vote and rerank on their appearances today, while they are still under 50. And remember: time is coming for you, too.