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The Hottest Girls Ted Mosby Ever Dated, Ranked

This the ultimate list of the hottest girls Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother dated or hooked up with, and ultimately failed with. As the main character of the long running CBS comedy, Mosby is in the midst of telling his children the long version of how he and their mother met. While doing so, he goes through his previous exploits and talks about the women who has dated in the past. The list of women he's dated is pretty impressive, bordering Jerry Seinfeld as the television character who has dated the most attractive women in a sitcom.

Some of the biggest names and brightest stars have served as Ted's girlfriend on the show. Ladies like Katy Perry, Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson and Mandy Moore all dated Ted at one point or another. As a graduate of Wesleyan University and an architect, Ted attracts some of the hottest women in the How I Met Your Mother universe. The common link between the women Ted has dated is their degree of attractiveness. Granted, this is is a television show and a character should be hot, that doesn't take away from what Ted Mosby has accomplished during How I Met Your Mother's long run.

As the ultimate list of the hottest girls Ted Mosby has dated, it's up to you vote and rank the women in order of sexiness. If someone isn't included, feel free to add her to the list. These are the best pics of the hottest How I Met Your Mother girls.

Who is your favorite hot How I Met Your Mother Girl that Ted Dates?
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