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The Hottest Male Swimmers

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The hottest male swimmers are really ridiculously good looking, in top physical condition and walk around wearing next to nothing. Not to mention, these sexy male swimmers are also accomplished in their sport with dozens of gold medals between them. Ladies take note, these men are rich, famous, and incredibly sexy in or out of the water.

Whether they are the top male swimmers in the United States, such as famed swimmer Michael Phelps or his teammates Ryan Lochte, Aaron Peirsol, Jason Lezak, or others, or simply some of the top swimmers in the game today, like Arkady Vyatchanin from Russia, Oussama Mellouli from Tunisia and Alain Bernard from France, it's really hard to call any of these swimmers anything but sexy.

As athletes, they spend hours out of each day practicing and toning their hot swimmer bodies and it shows. After all, swimming is all about how fast they can move their bodies in the water and the better shape they are in the better they can perform. Being incredibly easy on the eyes is simply a very fortunate bonus.

With that said, definitely some male swimmers are sexier than others. Michael Phelps may lead in Olympic gold medals but other swimmers like Ian Thorpe, Mark Foster, and the yummy Cullen Jones swim circles around Michael Phelps in terms of sex appeal.

Regardless, all of these sexy swimmers are dominating it in the pool and with their good looks. These hotties are easily sexier than any of their female counterparts or the hottest male celebrities. Quite simply, these guys will make you drool. Enjoy, ladies.