Natural Beauties Who Don't Need Any Makeup

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Vote up the ladies who look just as good rolling out of bed as they do with a full face of makeup!

These stunning natural beauties include actresses, models, and singers who seem to have that incredible, effortless beauty that comes from within. Sure, they glam it up with the best of them, but these celebrities without makeup and hair products are still stunningly gorgeous, beautiful natural women. While this list includes a lot of famous natural beauties, it is in no way complete. Feel free to add your favorite natural beauty here, and vote up your personal favorites!

Remove the red carpet-ready trappings, and these naturally pretty women still manage to dazzle with their fresh-faced beauty. Who are the greatest celebrity natural beauties? Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, and Jennifer Aniston come to mind immediately. Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively are among the new generation of natural beauties to grace the big screen (and they're also extremely talented actresses). Rachel McAdams is another natural cute woman. 

Not surprisingly, this list of natural girls also includes several supermodels. Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima are shining examples of hot natural beauties. Sienna Miller is another attractive, natural woman. This list also includes several major stars in music. Carrie Underwood looks incredible no matter what, and Taylor Swift is always a natural, fresh-faced beauty.

Women who are natural beauties might choose to wear makeup, but only to enhance, never to create. The hottest natural beauties look equally stunning in designer couture as they do in a t-shirt and jeans. But which of these women is the most beautiful woman in the world without makeup? You get to help decide with your votes. Vote up the naturally beautiful celebs from this list of natural women you think are sexy with or without makeup.

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