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Mass Effect Squad Members, Ranked Best to Worst

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All the Mass Effect squad members, ranked from best to worst. These are all the Mass Effect squad members from Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 including characters from the Mass Effect comic book series, Mass Effect novels, and the Mass Effect spin-offs. These are all the characters from the Mass Effect universe here for you to vote on.

Surely considered to be one of the best games of all time, the Mass Effect series has introduced the gaming world to a variety of colorful characters who inhabit the world of Mass Effect. Whether your favorite character is the dynamic Commander Shephard or the sultry Miranda Lawson (voiced by sexy Yvonne Strahovski), this list of the the greatest Mass Effect sqaud members is here for your voting needs.

Who are the best Mass Effect squad members? That's up to you to decide. This list of the top Mass Effect Squad Members allows you to choose who you think is the greatest Mass Effect character and vote for them to move up the list of the greatest Mass Effect squad members. If you don't see your favorite Mass Effect game character on the lit of the top Mass Effect squad members, be sure to add them so they can get voted up to the top position of best Mass Effect squad member ever.
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