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Maxim's Nominees for the 2015 Hot 100

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Here are Maxim's nominees for the 2015 hot 100. This is the issue of Maxim that gentlemen around the world look forward to most each year because it has the hottest chicks on the planet in it. Sure, every issue of Maxim is superb! And most men just read it for the articles. Most people don't know that Maxim features trenchant journalism in a variety of arenas including but not limited to Biomes, Israeli Foreign Policy, and Drone Strikes.

... Fine. All of that is made up. People read Maxim, well, they look at Maxim because Maxim magazine has some of the hottest girls in the world posing for some of the sexiest pics you'll ever see. And honestly, that's what the world really needs more of. Who cares that the planet is overheating and the oceans are dying when we've still got super hot chicks with rockin' bods??! NOBODY! THAT'S WHO! We've got hot girls in bikinis! Near nude models! Hot actresses! If this is the apocalypse, I LOVE THE APOCALYPSE!

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