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The Most Controversial Countries In the World

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Of the many countries on the planet, some seem a magnet to controversy. Whether they're some of the worst countries to visit or one of the worst countries to live in, the nations on this list are ranked as the most controversial countries on earth, as decided by the Ranker community. Which of these countries do you think have the most controversy? From gender inequality to poverty, corruption, and other issues, there's a lot to consider when thinking about the most controversial worst countries.

Many of the countries listed here would also be found on a list of third world countries and developing nations, while others are modern nations. Some countries, like Russia, have controversial leaders, while other countries are disliked due to human rights violations and other questionable national policies. Which countries would you not want to visit or live in, and which nations on this list have policies you just don't agree with? Upvote the countries you think are most controversial below and rerank the list to reflect your opinions when it comes to the nations of the world.