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Since the mid-2000s, the word 'hipster' has invaded the lexicon of pop culture and become a term, for better or worse, synonymous with either A) cool B) ironic C) ironically cool. Hipsters enjoy their own culture that is decidedly not mainstream. There are hipster brands, hipster movies, hipster jobs, hipster restaurants and, of course, hipster bands who are making some of the best indie music worldwide. People generally get the terms indie and hipster confused, but for the sake of this list, we're going to call bands who are primarily indie, hipster. This list includes bands that are signed to major labels as well, but the criteria is that they're beloved, enjoyed, and respected by hipsters as well.

You'll see super hipster music favorites like Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, and Grammy winning bands Arcade Fire and Bon Iver. While the general public raised its collective eyebrows when the latter two were announced as Grammy winners, hipsters rejoiced, as these two bands symbolized the ultra cool's rise to power and their taste in all things good reaffirmed. The bands you'll see on this list will range from long-established bands like the Flaming Lips to synth pop acts like Passion Pit, to arena rockers like the Black Keys, as well as newer groups. You might also see some of these musicians land on the greatest bands of all time list.

What are the most hipster bands of all time? Which top hipster songs take ironic coolness to the next level? Take a look at this list below, make your voice heard, and vote for your favorite hipster artists below!

Most divisive: The Beatles
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