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Since the mid-2000s, the word 'hipster' has invaded the lexicon of pop culture and become a term, for better or worse, synonymous with either A) cool B) ironic C) ironically cool. Hipsters enjoy their own culture that is decidedly not mainstream. There are hipster brands, hipster movies, hipster jobs, hipster restaurants and, of course, hipster bands who are making some of the best indie music worldwide. People generally get the terms indie and hipster confused, but for the sake of this list, we're going to call bands who are primarily indie, hipster. This list includes bands that are signed to major labels as well, but the criteria is that they're beloved, enjoyed, and respected by hipsters as well.

You'll see super hipster music favorites like Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, and Grammy winning bands Arcade Fire and Bon Iver. While the general public raised its collective eyebrows when the latter two were announced as Grammy winners, hipsters rejoiced, as these two bands symbolized the ultra cool's rise to power and their taste in all things good reaffirmed. The bands you'll see on this list will range from long-established bands like the Flaming Lips to synth pop acts like Passion Pit, to arena rockers like the Black Keys, as well as newer groups. You might also see some of these musicians land on the greatest bands of all time list.

What are the most hipster bands of all time? Which top hipster songs take ironic coolness to the next level? Take a look at this list below, make your voice heard, and vote for your favorite hipster artists below!

Most divisive: Nirvana
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  • MGMT
    2,125 votes

    It all started with the captivating melodies of Oracular Spectacular, which propelled MGMT into hipster fame in the late 2000s. Embodying psychedelic pop and rock influences, this experimental duo never shied away from incorporating odd sounds and quirky lyrics into their compositions. Listeners were drawn to their eccentric style and evocative synth-pop tunes, solidifying MGMT's status as an iconic alternative band for years to come.

  • Neutral Milk Hotel

    The enigmatic nature of Neutral Milk Hotel's music is what sets them apart from other bands in the indie rock scene. With lo-fi soundscapes, heartfelt lyrics, and diverse instrumentation, their work has consistently piqued the interest of discerning listeners. The enduring fascination with their mysterious album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea only adds to the band's legendary hipster appeal.

  • The Smiths
    1,665 votes

    Jangling guitars, poetic lyrics, and the unmistakable voice of Morrissey: all essential elements of The Smiths' iconic sound, which has influenced countless bands since their formation in the 1980s. They quickly garnered a devoted following with their moody post-punk anthems and masterful songwriting, which effortlessly tackled sensitive topics without losing their infectious pop sensibilities. The Smiths' stylish aesthetic and defiant attitude have secured their place as one of the most beloved hipster bands of all time.

  • Tame Impala
    1,717 votes

    Kevin Parker's visionary project, Tame Impala, revolutionized the psychedelic rock genre with futuristic synthesizers and kaleidoscopic visuals. Combining introspective themes with mind-bending harmonies, their music pulses with a trance-inducing energy that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As an ever-evolving creative force, Tame Impala continually takes risks and pushes boundaries, making them a quintessential band for the hipster zeitgeist.

  • Vampire Weekend
    2,375 votes

    Tasteful, worldly, and utterly original, Vampire Weekend emerged in the late 2000s with their unique blend of indie rock and Afrobeat influences. Their penchant for literary references, preppy wardrobe, and intricate orchestration garnered much acclaim from the hipster community. By continuously reinventing their sound without abandoning their signature style, Vampire Weekend has reigned supreme as an intellectual force in alternative music.

  • The xx
    1,509 votes

    Sensual, atmospheric, and achingly vulnerable, The xx's sound transcends conventional genres. Their minimalist aesthetics intertwine with haunting melodies to create an alluring quality that has captivated fans since their debut album. The xx's ability to evoke powerful emotions using only sparse instrumentation and introspective lyrics has cemented their status as a staple of the hipster music scene.