The Most Influential DJs of All Time

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DJs that broke new ground and influenced EDM's sub-genres of house, trance, and techno

The most influential DJs of all time, from the start of turntable culture, to edm's huge waves in the early 1990s, to today, are all featured in this list below. Who are the most popular DJs of all time? This compilation of the greatest disc jockeys of all time is subjective, but without a doubt, many of these artists and producers are some of the most famous, influential electronic music pioneers of all time.

The popular DJs included on this list range from pioneers Larry Levan and Carl Cox to the old school names of Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk, to modern trailblazers Tiësto, David Guetta, and Steve Aoki. These electronic musicians contain an assortment of dance music that spans beyond house, trance, and techno, and their groundbreaking music turned them into some of the best dance music bands of all time.

What makes the best DJs? And who are the top electronic music DJs? If you're wondering who the best EDM artists are, then look no further! Vote for your favorite DJs below, and be sure to vote based on their overall influence and quality of their music, rather than simply their popularity or fame.

Photo: Steve Aoki / Netflix
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