The Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time

Who are the most overrated wrestlers of all time? Obviously any list that includes words like "overrated" and "wrestling" of any kind will spark some disagreement, but that's cool. Vote for the wrestlers that you think get way too much credit for their abilities (or lack thereof). You can also rerank this list any way you want, putting specific wrestlers you think aren't really that talented at the top, and leaving off people you think are really that good.

Some WWE wrestlers are genuinely great, but others are too heavy on the gimmick and too light on the actual ability. Wrestling is a sport, and it does require a certain amount of skill and prowess in the ring, after all. Some wrestlers have that perfect, rare combination of showmanship and talent that makes them among the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. They are among the toughest pro fighters ever, and they take no prisoners.

That's not what this list is about, no no. This is specifically a place where wrestling fans can choose the wrestlers that they believe are all flash and no substance. Think John Cena is a phony? Vote him up! Disagree? Vote him down. It's as simple as that. The same goes for some of the other big names listed here, from Jeff Hardy to Warrior to Bret Hart. Enjoy!
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