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For the past century, sports have become an important part of American culture. Many of the most popular sports in the world have been American games. A fair number of Americans either participate or follow sports. Children play sports to meet other kids their own age and they teach important tactics, like teamwork, which helps people later on in life. Football, not to be confused with European football or soccer, is one of the most popular American sports. The Super Bowl is always the most watched sporting event in the United States, drawing nearly 100 million people to their TVs to watch an event that's distinctly American.

Basketball is another popular American sport that has a worldwide reach. Becoming almost as globally relevant as soccer, basketball and the NBA in particular have turned the game from a semi-popular American sport into a game people across the globe love to play.

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Most divisive: Ice Hockey
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  • American Football
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    American Football

  • Basketball
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  • Baseball
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  • Soccer
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  • Ice Hockey
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  • Beach Volleyball
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