The Most Overlooked Quarterbacks of All Time

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A list of the most underrated quarterbacks of all time. Despite the gargantuan scouting staffs that NFL teams employ, there are still plenty of players who fly under the radar or in some cases, don't even play in the league at all. This list includes players who were successful in the Canadian Football League (CFL) as well, after all, there are number of great players on here who never could become the apple of the NFL's eye. There are a bunch of players, even some Hall of Famers and some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, who are on here. You'll be surprised to learn that these guys slipped through the cracks, especially players like Super Bowl winners like Kurt Warner and Joe Theismann on here, along with one of the best pure passing quarterbacks in Warren Moon. Somehow, these guys were overlooked, yet after honing their craft in the CFL or even the Arena League, these guys got their chance at the big time.

Though some of these guys became NFL afterthoughts, and some, didn't even have a chance to show how good they were, they are still supremely underrated compared to other quarterbacks that did get a chance to play in the pros. You may be surprised to see some other big names on here, but when push comes to shove, this is the reason why these guys are underrated.

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