Movie Tough Guys Without Super Powers or a Super Suit

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Only movie characters that can fight tough without any special help.

In the age of the superhero movies, it's easy to forget sometimes that there are tough guys who don't need to hide behind superpowers or a super suit. For every superhero Superman, Batman or even Robocop, we have a James Bond, Han Solo, Jason Bourne and John McClane willing to chase bad guys. These tough guys need to rely only their brains, brawn and the occasional weapon or two to foil the plots of bad guys. Some of the most legendary action heroes are just regular guys, military personnel or cops that get caught up in a tough situation and fight their way out of it.

Sometimes that can mean rescuing a group of hostages or even family members or femme fatale. Other times that could be defending someone's honor or even protecting his country from the threat of total annihilation. While having a super powers or super suit would make things infinitely easier for these tough dudes, what makes them so endearing to audiences is that some of the men on this list could be any of us, depending on how we react in a particular situation.

Vote for your favorite movie tough guy on this Ultimate List. These are some of the biggest, baddest guys in the history of tough guy films and are played by some of the most prominent action stars. So pick who you think toughest of these movie tough guys. Famous tough guys with touch names for guys! They're all listed here!
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