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The Best Pizza in New York City

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List RulesHot and delicious pizzas being served up in New York City. Please, no Chicago deep dish (shudder) or "New York style" pizza joints located in other cities.

New York pizza. Are there any other three words in the English language that sound so delectable? If you love good pizza, you know that New York style pizza is the best kind of pizza. Chicago deep dish? No thanks. Who has the time for all that mess. You need a New York slice you can devour right there on the sidewalk. But where is the best NYC pizza? What are the best pizza places in all of the Big Apple? This list of New York City pizza has you covered.

Whether you prefer the pepperoni at Joe's or the pepperoni at Lee's Tavern, you really can't go wrong with any of the top NYC pizza joints on this list. When you need a pie, New York is the place to be. Are you more of a Margherita person? Great! John's of Bleecker and Totonno's are just waiting for you to walk in, smell the smells of delicious pizza, and order up a pie just covered in mozzarella.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, try a specialty NYC pizza like maybe one with Brussels sprouts, or even one called the Bee Sting. Whatever pizza you need, someone in New York will make if for you at these top NYC pizzerias. Well, as long as it isn't deep dish.

 So sit down and get ready to tuck into this list of the absolute best pizzas in all of New York City. Have a favorite NYC pie? Add it! And be sure to rerank this list to truly reflect the greatest, most delicious pizzas in all of New York City.
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