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The Best Soccer Players of 2013

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Who were the best soccer players of 2013? Some of these top athletes in soccer, like Cristiano Ronaldo, are already listed among the best athletes of all time and the best soccer players ever, so it's not a stretch that they would end up as some of the top soccer players of 2013. Other players, like Mario Gotze, are up-and-coming soccer players to watch in 2013. There's really no telling which of these soccer players (football players if you're anywhere besides the US) will become the next great soccer star, let alone the greatest soccer player of 2013.

Who will be the best soccer player of 2013? Whether they're in the top 10 or the top 50 soccer players of 2013, there's no denying all these athletes and sports stars are really good soccer players. On this list, you might find some of the best Black soccer players who excelled at the sport in 2013 as well as countless famous soccer players as well.

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