The Scariest Movies Of All Time

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Hell hath no fury a film looking to terrify its audience. The scariest movies of all time encompass some of the most well-crafted, brilliantly executed, and downright dreadful films to ever grace the silver screen. These terrifying films elevate cinema into something almost unrecognizable. Yes, these are simultaneously some of the best films of all time with some of the greatest actors and best directors at the helm, however, these films stay with audiences more than any other before them for one simple reason, they terrify them. The definition of "scary" isn't restricted or limited to a specific type of film, for example, The Exorcist, a supernatural horror movie could be just as scary as serial killer movies like Halloween. The same goes for psychological thrillers like Stanley Kubrick's The Shining or crime dramas like Se7en There are also horror movies from all over the world on this list like 28 Days Later. Terror takes many shapes, but it always achieves the same goal.

When the public closes their eyes, hears a bump in the night, or sees a shadowy figure in the hall, suddenly all the horrifying and vile images they were just subject to come rushing back and leave them stricken in fear. The best scary movies of all time do this effortlessly and will leave those who dare to watch them in terror for the rest of their lives. 

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