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TV Shows That Should Be Canceled

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Here are the worst TV shows currently airing in 2019, that deserve cancelation after this current season. Though reality TV is often singled out as the trashiest current options on television, numerous shows from a variety of genres have made the cut on this collection of failed entertainment products. Competition to get on the television remains intense, but has lessened over the years, as extensive cable packages and streaming options have exploded the number of new TV series being produced. Of course, this opened up opportunities for stations like AMC and FX to experiment with exciting new programming, but also allows for innumerable bad knock-offs, stupid reality competitions and painfully unfunny comedies. Be sure to also check out the TV shows ending in 2019 we will miss the most.

Featuring popular sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and New Girl, this list of current shows that need to be canceled include several of today's most watched TV shows. Every year, audiences wonder why so many poorly written and acted shows are produced by networks, but programs like Keeping Up with the Kardashians continue to bring in record-breaking viewership numbers. 

Basic cable channels, particularly MTV and Bravo, seem to be singled out on the list a bit, with entries like The Real World, The Challenge, and the Real Housewives... series taking up a number of the top spots. The list of shows in 2019 that should be canceled also includes a number of once-beloved shows that are seen as "past their prime" or overdue for cancelation.

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