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This list of the top tech blogs on the Internet, is based on traffic as well as influence over the subject online, and has been voted on by the Ranker community and tech nerds alike. Tech bloggers have been discussing technology news in detail online for years, and these blogs and websites are where much of the online conversation is centered. Because of the ease of editing and updating blogs quickly as news happens, many of these blogs and websites are able to break news that traditional media organizations haven't covered yet. However, many popular tech blogs, like Gizmodo and Tech Crunch, use their platforms to explore tech news in a more in-depth and nuanced fashion, posting longer pieces and competing with niche magazines and newspapers to provide a diverse collection of original writing and reporting on the subject.

In the early days of blogging, users would traditionally find blogs about technology news and related subjects using blog search engines, including Technorati, Icerocket, Google Blog Search and others. Since the explosion of social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and others, search has become less and less significant as a traffic draw. Now, getting a particular blog post or article to go "viral" on Facebook will have far greater significance than optimizing visibility in search engines. Add in the volume of links submitted to aggregation sites and services like Reddit and StumbleUpon, and it's easier than ever to find good tech blogs and blog posts on any imaginable topic, no matter how niche, including the great posts and tech news coverage from these best technology blogs.

These top 10 tech blogs are focused on issues in the technology news community. Be sure to vote for your favorites to move them up the list.
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  • TechCrunch
    599 votes
  • Wired
    403 votes
  • Hacker Noon
    24 votes

    Hacker Noon

    52 votes
    17 votes
  • The Verge
    304 votes