The Best '70s Movies

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This list of the best movies of the '70s has all of the top films from the 1970s, including some of the best movies ever featuring some of the greatest actors and actresses of all time. The greatest action films from the '70s, the best dramas of the decade, and the funniest movies from the '70s are all on this list of the top movies of the 1970s.

The 1970s were a great era for filmmaking, with a dark and dirty New York City for storytellers to play in. Practical special effects were reaching their peak, and artistic styles were unrestrained. Remember, this is the decade that brought us classic '70s movies like Rocky, Jaws, and even Star Wars. The death throes of the Hays Code were finally over and Hollywood was free to enter a new Golden Age, as you'll see when perusing this list of the most popular '70s films.

What is the greatest movie of the 1970s? Vote and find out! If your favorite '70s film isn't on the list, please feel free to add it to the list of the best '70s films yourself. If you disagree with what others are voting up as the best movie of the decade, vote for your favorite films from the 1970s and vote down the most overrated films from the '70s.

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