The Greatest Movies Of The 1980s, Ranked

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Movies must have been released during the 1980s

Since it was one of the greatest decades for film, here's a list of the best movies of the 80s. These are some of the most popular and famous films of the 1980s. While the 1980s is largely known for Matthew Broderick, John Cusack, and the iconic musical montage, it is also the decade that brought us The Empire Strikes Back, the cult classic They Live, and all three of the good Indiana Jones films. The movies on this list were each a top ten grossing film in the year they were released. If you're looking to find out what the 1980's were all about, then watching a classic movie on this list would be a great place to start! Vote on the best '80s movies and share your super '80s knowledge with the world!

What are the best movies of the 1980s? This list will give you that answer because it is far more than just a top 10, 50, or even 100 best '80s movies list.

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