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Vader to Binks: Best to Worst Star Wars Characters

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List RulesOnly characters from the Star Wars Universe. (TV, Movies, Books, Video Games)

This is a list of the people and creatures who make up the complete Star Wars universe, ranked by Star Wars fans from the best to the absolute worst. From the first movie to the prequels, to the books, to the TV shows, to the video games - few things have inspired our imagination like these characters and the universe they inhabit. From household names to lesser known creatures (both of whom are sometimes played by the same actors), who are the best Star Wars characters?

Vote up your favorite humans, aliens, wookiees, celebrity guest stars, and robots from all of Star Wars below. Are you one of the three people on Earth who actually liked Jar Jar? (Just kidding, zero people liked Jar Jar.) Do you think C3PO was really just annoying? Do you feel bad for all the Stormtroopers with terrible aim? Cast your votes now. And if you really want to impact the order of this list, rerank your own version!

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