The Greatest Movies About CIA Agents & Operatives

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These are films that focus on the United States Central Intelligence Agency, or its CIA agents, as ranked by spy-obsessed fans. We've tried to include all of the best CIA movies on this list, but if you believe we missed one, please feel free to add to the list yourself. If you want more awesome movie list ideas that you can watch right now on Netflix, then be sure to check out our lists of the best action movies on Netflix, best movies on Netflix and comedies on Netflix.

With its intrigue, espionage, and cloak and dagger politics, the CIA and its spies and operatives are a perfect setting and cast of characters for film making and storytelling. Spy dramas have been a favorite among moviegoers for decades. Let's face it, spies make great characters. 

Sure, FBI movies are also full of awesome action too, but there's just something totally riveting about watching the drama unfold against the backdrop of world politics, so give us a Matt Damon spy movie over those FBI dramas any day. 

Whether you prefer watching spy movies on Netflix or grabbing a CIA film from from Redbox, you're guaranteed to find something that'll give you your secret agent fix. This list includes all genres, although most are action, drama, or thrillers. If you enjoy good spy thrillers, then you're bound to enjoy many of the secret agent movies on this list.

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