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The Best Dance Movies Ever Made

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List RulesWhether they make you want to shake it or you're just mesmerized watching others shake it, vote up all of your favorite movies featuring dancing.

Dance movies have been around since the inception of film: the best dance movies manage to make the audience care about the characters and the art of dance. From the can-can films on Nickelodeons, the exciting breakdancing movies that show street style moves, to the modern dance movies that fuse every style, the best dancing movies are only as good as the dancers that perform in them.

What are the greatest dance movies ever made? From classics like Dirty Dancing (1987) to more recent favorites like Magic Mike (2012), movies about dancing are always fun and inspiring to watch. These are the best dance movies as decided by you, whether you want to contribute your own list to include that ballet movie you love or you just want to vote up the super popular breakdance movie from last year, it's up to you. You can't have a great dance movie without a great soundtrack, so also check out our Greatest Soundtracks of All Time List.

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    Dirty Dancing

    Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey
    Dirty Dancing is a 1987 American romantic drama film. Written by Eleanor Bergstein and...  more

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    Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Bacon
    Footloose is a 1984 American musical-drama directed by Herbert Ross. It tells the story of Ren...  more

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    Step Up

    Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan
    Step Up is a 2006 American romantic dance film directed by Anne Fletcher starring Channing...  more

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    Singin' in the Rain

    Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly
    Singin' in the Rain is a 1952 American musical comedy film directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley...  more

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    John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
    Grease is a 1978 American musical romantic comedy-drama film directed by Randal Kleiser and...  more

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    West Side Story

    Natalie Wood, Rita Moreno
    West Side Story is a 1961 American romantic musical drama film directed by Robert Wise and...  more

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    Save the Last Dance

    Kerry Washington, Julia Stiles
    Save the Last Dance is a 2001 American film produced by MTV Films, directed by Thomas Carter...  more

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    Jennifer Beals, Lee Ving
    Flashdance is a 1983 American romantic drama film directed by Adrian Lyne. It was the first...  more

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    Saturday Night Fever

    John Travolta, Fran Drescher
    Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 American drama film directed by John Badham. It stars John...  more

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    Step Up 2: The Streets

    Channing Tatum, Cassie Ventura
    Step Up 2: The Streets is a 2008 American dance film. It is the sequel to the 2006 film Step...  more

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    Bring It On

    Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku
    Bring It On is a 2000 American teen comedy film that was directed by Peyton Reed and written...  more

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    Step Up 3D

    Sharni Vinson, Kathy Najimy
    Step Up 3D is a 2010 American 3D dance film written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer and...  more

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    Debbie Allen, Irene Cara
    Fame is a 1980 American musical film conceived and produced by David De Silva and directed by...  more

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    John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer
    Hairspray is a 2007 American musical romantic comedy film based on the 2002 Broadway musical...  more

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    Center Stage

    Zoe Saldana, Amanda Schull
    Center Stage is a 2000 American teen drama film, directed by Nicholas Hytner, about a group of...  more

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    Mary Poppins

    Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke
    Mary Poppins is a 1964 American musical fantasy film directed by Robert Stevenson and produced...  more

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lucy Liu
    Chicago is a 2002 American musical comedy film adapted from the satirical stage musical of the...  more

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    Billy Elliot

    Jamie Bell, Julie Walters
    Billy Elliot is a 2000 British dance drama film written by Lee Hall and directed by Stephen...  more

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    Black Swan

    Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis
    Black Swan is a 2010 American psychological thriller-horror film directed by Darren Aronofsky...  more

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    Jessica Alba, Missy Elliott
    Honey is a 2003 dance film released by Universal Pictures. Featuring music produced by Rodney...  more
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    Stomp the Yard

    Chris Brown, Meagan Good
    Stomp the Yard is a 2007 drama and dance film produced by Rainforest Films and released...  more

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    Take the Lead

    Antonio Banderas, Jenna Dewan
    Take the Lead is a 2006 musical drama film starring Antonio Banderas, Rob Brown, Alfre...  more
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    An American in Paris

    Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron
    An American in Paris is a 1951 American musical film inspired by the 1928 orchestral...  more

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    Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell
    Starring Cher and Christina Aquilera.
    Burlesque is a 2010 American backstage musical drama film directed by Steve Antin. A...  more
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    Step Up Revolution

    Megan Boone, Ryan Guzman
    Step Up Revolution is a 2012 American 3D dance film and the fourth installment in the Step Up...  more