The Most Delicious Foods to Dunk in a Deep Fryer

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No sautéed foods, stir-fries, or pan-fried foods

Deep-frying imparts tasty, crispy flavor to pretty much any food cooked with this process, and as a result, it appears that people will eat just about anything if it has been deep-fried. There are of course the standard fried foods that are so prevalent in fast food, such as French fries and fried chicken, but many cultures and cuisines enjoy deep fried vegetables, tofu and even insects. A somewhat disturbing trend which has also grown in popularity is that of deep frying junk food, including cookies, candy bars and processed pastries!

This list will give you plenty of ideas re: good things to deep fry. Rank your favorites and feel free to add your own. Don't be hesitant; as many state fairs have proven, almost anything goes. Simply think of your favorite foods ever and then deep fry them. Voila: instant fine dining! Some of the most delicious foods in the world are fried, so don't hesitate to consider every option.

What is the strangest deep fried food you've ever tried? Was it any good? If it was, it belongs on this list. Obviously not everyone will love the same thing. French fries? Probably a winner with most. Fried pickles? That might be more of an acquired taste (though they really are delish with some ranch dressing). And here's a thought: Is there a particular vegetable you won't eat, ever? Try frying it up, the top deep fried foods; you might be pleasantly surprised (though your waistline and overall health might eventually suffer).

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