The Best Superhero Teams & Groups

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Vote up your all-time favorite teams and groups of superheroes.

Who are the best superhero teams ever? With so many potential choices, it can be hard to decide. This list includes favorite groups comprised of some of the best comic book superheroes of all time, from X-Men to The Justice League to The Fantastic Four. It's time to vote for the superhero groups you like the most, and vote down those you just don't like. Also, feel free to rerank this list your way!

Super hero teams are a force to be reckoned with. Whether it's the awesome power of the Avengers, united in force to battle all evil, or the powerful and fantastical Green Lantern Corps, there's a reason superhero teams are so popular. Alone, each character has specific powers and attributes, but combine that with others who have superpowers? You have the recipe for awesome.

Many of the iconic superhero teams listed here are stars of both comics and both the big and small screens. Superhero movies like the X-Men and Avengers franchises clearly show how much everyone loves a great superhero group. Which group is the greatest? You decide.
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