The Best Inexpensive Cars You'd Love to Own

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Cars must be valued at $35,000 or less.

A list of the best inexpensive cars you'd actually love to own. Sure, it's simple to go out and find a bottom-end, new car for $12k, but more often than not, that's an automobile bought out of necessity instead of desire. These are cars you'd actually be proud to have as your daily driver.

Since "inexpensive", "cheap", and "affordable" are all relative terms, we're going to set the limit a little high at $35k so the list can include the cheapest entry models of most major brands. All types of vehicles are included: sports, trucks, luxury, sedan, hybrid, new, and old. You name it. If it costs less than 35k, and you'd love to own it, then it belongs on this list. Good inexpensive cars are actually not that hard to find, especially if you're equipped with this hand lust of the top cheap cars. In face, some of the nicest cars around are actually really affordable.

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Most divisive: Cadillac CTS