The Best Kidnapping & Hostage Movies Of All Time, Ranked

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If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure, the best kidnapping movies and hostage movies below have you covered. The kidnapping and hostage genre has been around for decades and stories in that genre have been done in a variety of ways. Some tell the story from the perspective of the kidnapped while others cast the hostage takers as the protagonists. You'll find good kidnapping movies on this list and some of them may even be on Netflix.

When you think about kidnapping and hostage movies, what genre do you usually associate with them? If you’re thinking action, you wouldn’t be wrong, but they span so many more. For instance, there are horror movies about kidnapping as well as abduction thriller films. There have even been comedy movies about hostage taking and kidnapping. Apparently, abducting someone against their will can be funny, who knew? There are other kidnapping movies that are based on true stories.

To find out which is the best kidnapping or hostage movie of all time, movie fans have voted for their favorites below, regardless of genre. If you’re looking to see where a particular kidnapping movie is ranked, you can use the search function at the top of the list. Vote up your favorite good kidnapping movies. After all, this is a comprehensive list of the best hostage and kidnapping movies.

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