The Best Museums in the World

This list of the most visited museums in the world, comes with pictures, and will give you plenty of ideas for top museums to see on your own travels. For some, "the most popular" means "the best," and these are definitely some of the most famous museums anywhere. The top museums in the world are often major tourist attractions, and can be a museum of natural history, art, science, or be dedicated to any number of other topics. Early museums were collections owned by private individuals.

Whether these collections were open to the public was up to the owner. Today, museums are institutions dedicated to the study and exhibition of art, artifacts, and other objects of importance. One can only imagine the collections necessary to make the museums on this list some of the best museums in the world.

What are the greatest museums in the world? This list contains the top 50 famous museums around the world from many different countries, so there won't be a shortage of famous places on this list. 

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