The Best Nuts to Eat

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Only the nuts (or legumes, if you must). Nothing that is made *of* or *with* nuts.

List of the best nuts to eat, ranked by snackers everywhere. This list includes the best tasting and healthiest nuts, a favorite snack among young and old alike. According to a new scientific study, nuts are proven to make you live longer. So eat up! Delicious and crunchy, who doesn't love nuts? Monsters, that's who. From the most common, popular nuts to the lesser known specialty nuts, this is a list of all nuts for you to vote on, add to, or re-rank your own version.

A fan of pistachios? Click upvote to move it to the top of this list. Not impressed with peanuts? Be sure to vote them down. Healthy nuts add flavor and good-for-you fats to meals for weight loss help, and the best nuts for protein like almonds and walnuts are great to snack on by themselves.

Vote on this list of the most popular nuts so we know once and for all which are the most delicious nuts.

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