The Best Political Films Of All Time

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Over 2,200 movie fans have come together to shape these rankings of the best political films ever made. From classics like All the President’s Men and The Manchurian Candidate, to modern favorites like Argo and The Post, this list has something for everyone. Movies that explore topics such as corruption and civil disobedience in government are some of the most powerful types of films - they make us think about our own society and how we can improve it.

Themes explored by these movies can be quite varied; from examining the complexities of international relations, to exploring the inner workings of a totalitarian regime, there is something here for anyone interested in politics. For example, Dr. Strangelove takes an irreverent look at Cold War paranoia while The Battle Of Algiers paints a vivid picture of anti-colonialist struggle against French rule in Algeria during 1954-62. On the other hand Lawrence Of Arabia shows us a different side to war with its exploration into British involvement during World War I in Middle East countries.

Of course there are plenty more great political films out there waiting to be discovered. So if you're looking for your next great film recommendation then why not check out this list? Take part yourself by voting up your favorite political films or adding any you feel should have been included.

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