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The Best Robert Pollard Solo Records

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This list of Robert Pollard solo albums includes all of this Guided By Voices frontman's best solo work. Be sure to vote for the Pollard solo records you like the most and vote down any you aren't crazy about. You can also rerank this list, putting all of Robert Pollard's solo albums in the order you choose.

Is there any doubt that Robert Pollard is truly one of the greatest, most prolific songwriters in music today? The man's career spans decades, both with and without GBV. In 2006, Pollard released one of his most brilliant albums, 'From a Compound Eye.' He followed this up with 'Normal Happiness' and in the years since, he's released a slew of amazing records.

2006, though, was *not* the beginning of Robert Pollard's solo career -- not really. While he was with Guided by Voices he was putting out solo music, including 1996's 'Not in My Airforce,' a major fan favorite. Is 'Not in My Airforce' Pollard's greatest solo record? Again, that's for you to decide, with your votes.

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