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The Best Roman Movies

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List RulesMovies must take place during Roman times.

This is a list of the best Roman movies. These are films that take place in ancient Rome. If you believe we've missed one, please feel free to add it to the list yourself. What's the best Roman movie of all time? You'll quickly find that this list goes beyond just the top 10 Roman empire movies to really see which one is the best ever made.

Ancient Rome was an amazing time in world history and these classic Roman war movies capture it. It was a peak in western civilization. When the Roman Empire fell, the western world plummeted into a Dark Age that lasted for over 600 years. With its western, yet unfamiliar customs, Roman society is a gold mine for filmmakers and storytellers in general.

What's the best movie about Rome? This list included both films that take place during the Roman Republic as well as the Roman Empire. These eras, of course, have given us such icons and gladiators and their arenas, the Roman Legion, Roman emperors, and of course, the many Roman myths and legends. Suffice to say, you don't have to be a history nut to love the movies on this list that are set in Rome. Be sure to check back for new and upcoming Roman movies as they are released and added to the list and check out the best TV shows set in Ancient Rome.