The Best Safety Schools: College Fallback Options

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Any university that you can reasonably assume that you will be admitted to; schools with low to medium admissions standards. Click on any school name to find the school that's right for you!

The best safety schools and universities aren't necessarily everyone's first choice, but are great fallback options when you're applying to college. What is a safety school? A good safety school is easier to get into than a top-tier university, and often has equally good academic programs. As college admissions are getting tougher and tougher, having a list of good safety schools that you wouldn't mind attending is always a good idea.

What are the best safety schools for students to apply to? Whether you are looking for safety schools for students in California, New York, or close to your home state, you should always make sure to do plenty of research before you decide where to go. This list of the best backup colleges is ranked by the wisdom of the crowd, so anyone can add their picks or vote on the universities below.

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