The Best Sports Franchises Of All Time

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The greatest professional teams. No minor league teams, iconic collegiate teams okay

The best sports franchises in sports history, ranked by sports fans for sports fans. Most teams have a dynasty that only lasts for a few years. But a great sports franchise is consistently successful on and off the playing field, earning loyalty and respect from the team's fans and the sports world as a whole. Anyone can vote for their favorite franchises on this list, or add their own list of the best sports franchises to these rankings. So, whether you're a hardcore sports fan or just a fan of how certain teams play the game, this is the place to release your inner SportsCenter commentator.

What are the best sports teams of all time? Can a basketball dynasty edge out a classic baseball favorite? The fans get to decide on this list of the best sports teams ever. But remember, the top clubs aren't necessarily the most successful sports franchises. Some may have losing records overall, or have just enjoyed a few short bursts of glory, but no matter their win-lose percentages, these teams have stood the test of time and made history as the some of the favorites of all time.
Most divisive: United States men's national basketball team
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